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injuries ever seen on a basketball, louisville's kevin ware is back in action. >> andy scholes joins us with more. we were talking about the psychology behind this how these kids get back on the basketball court and they are not scared. >> yeah. it's great to see kevin back out there and definitely not scared. he was cleared to practice this last sunday and didn't expect to play last night but louisville head coach rick pitino surprised everyone when he called ware's number. last march the cardinals guard suffered this gruesome injury. we remember him laying out on the court. he is healed up and came in the second half of the exhibition game and hits the first shot he takes. it was a three-pointer. the junior guard only played ten minutes in the game but he was thrilled to be back out there on the court. >> when he called my number, i was just ready to get in. i've been waiting for this moment for 2 hundred and like 20 days now. so i'm happy. >>> something you rarely see. john moffitt an offensive lineman for the broncos is quitting at mid season and walking away from a million dollars.
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, putting on an incredible show last night. will jordan lynch get in an by -- who knows, andy scholes joins us with the record breaking speech. >>> plus, it's time for your morning rhyme. tweet us with your own original verse. it can be anything. doesn't to be travel or turkey or snow. #morningrhyme. #earlystart. we'll read the best ones in the next half hour. (vo) you are a business pro. maestro of project management. baron of the build-out. you need a permit... to be this awesome. and from national. because only national lets you choose any car in the aisle... and go. you can even take a full-size or above, and still pay the mid-size price. (aaron) purrrfect. (vo) meee-ow, business pro. meee-ow. go national. go like a pro. >>> all right. lebron james left the cavs four years ago with the infamous decision. left the fans outraged but now they started a movement to try to bring him back to his hometown. >> i don't know. they were mean-spirited. andy scholes joins us with the "bleacher report." what is going on. >> after lebron was pretty much the most hated athlete in cleveland.
challenge was staying awake to watch all of the games. andy scholes joins us with more in the bleacher report. happy black friday to you, buddy. >> you too. good morning. i was doing really well until halftime of the first game when the food coma got the best of me but a bunch of great games to watch all day yesterday. in the night cap, ravens hosting the steelers. controversy in this one. jacoby jones breaks free on the kickoff return but the steelers head coach mike tomlin gets in his way on the field! tomlin was looking the other way watching the jumbotron. the refs could have given jones a touchdown but they didn't even throw a flag on the play. it could have cost the ravens the win. the steelers have one last chance to tie this game late but ben roethlisberger's pass on the two-point conversion goes incomplete. the ravens do get the win 22-20. >>> the lions record nine-game thanksgiving losing streak is now over. detroit dominated the packers winning 40-10. the packers offense was awful yesterday! only 26 yards in the game. ndamukong suh even controlled himself and no stomping on
's what they tell me. biting a player's face. andy scholes joins us with this strange story. we need some answers here, andy, coming up right after the break. (vo) you are a business pro. maestro of project management. baron of the build-out. you need a permit... to be this awesome. and from national. because only national lets you choose any car in the aisle... and go. you can even take a full-size or above, and still pay the mid-size price. (aaron) purrrfect. (vo) meee-ow, business pro. meee-ow. go national. go like a pro. [ male announcer ] they are a glowing example of what it means to be the best. and at this special time of year, they shine even brighter. come to the winter event and get the mercedes-benz you've always wished for, now for an exceptional price. [ santa ] ho, ho, ho, ho! [ male announcer ] lease the 2014 e350 for $579 a month at your local mercedes-benz dealer. nthat's why they deserve... aer the 20anbrake dance.79 a month get 50% off new brake pads and shoes. >>> all right. from the this really happened. a high school girls basketball coach in mississippi
lost eight family members in that deadly typhoon. >> andy scholes joins us now in this morning's bleacher report. what a tragedy for him. >> this is just a tragic story. the deadly typhoon, jason day says he lost his grandmother and six of his cousins. day is a native of australia but his mother is from the philippines and his family lived in one of the hardest hit areas. they say one of the toughest parts for his family they haven't been able to communicate with anyone over there. they thanked everyone for their thoughts and prayers and asked for everyone to continue to pray for all of those affected by the tragedy. >>> with no longer have any undefeated teams in the nfl. the 9-owe kansas city chiefs taking on the broncos. peyton manning only threw one touchdown in this one but the broncos never trailed and won the game 27-17. that means 72 dolphins can rest easy for another year. the thunderstorms that wreaked havoc on the midwest yesterday afternoon caused nearly a two hour delay in the bears/ravens game. during the first quarter fans were evacuated from the seats. after the
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! >> andy scholes joins us. she is cheering, andy! >> big cardinal fan there i guess. >>> the final year for the bcs and looks like a messy situation with a bunch of undefeated teams and now scratch oregon off that list of teams with an argument to play in the national championship game because last night the third ranked ducks were beaten by fifth ranked stanford. the cardinal scored the first 23 points in this game! they held on to hand oregon their first loss of the season. meanwhile, down in waco, texas, sixth ranked baylor bears continue to roll over their opponents. they crushed tenth ranked oklahoma 41-12! the bears a perfect 8-0 this season. >>> trending on today. if you had adrian peterson on your team today you are a happy camper. he ran all over the redskins defense last night. he finished the game 75 yards and two touchdowns as the vikings beat the redskins 34-27. >>> big papi's popularity in boston is at an all-time high and so high that some fans want ortiz to run the city! according to wgbh news, big papi received the third most votes in the boston mayor
a teammate, richie incognito addressed the scandal. the very public andy scholes has more in this morning's "bleacher report," andy. >> good morning, incognito, he remains away from the dolphins while the nfl investigating accusations of harassment and misconduct toward teammate jonathan martin but yesterday, wsb in california caught up with incognito in a parking lot and they got his first comments on the scandal. >> richie, how are you? >> doing fine. i'm just trying to weather the storm right now and this will pass. >> many are wondering why incognito has not been cut by the dolphins. according to the sun-sentinel, incognito was asked by the dolphins coach to toughen up martin. the dolphins have not commented to cnn regarding that claim at this time. >>> one of the top stories in the lineup sec on today, jay z may be in hot water with major league baseball for being a little too generous. they're investigating whether jay z violated the rule by giving robinson cano a $34,000 gold watch for his birthday. cano posted a pic of his watch. they're only allowed to give gif
him to come back home. andy scholes joins us now with the bleacher report. this is a thanksgiving miracle, andy. >> happy thanksgiving, guys. >> you too. >>> what a difference a few years make after the infamous decision, they were burning lebron jerseys in the streets but now many of them have come full circle. last night some of them were handing out come back lebron t-shirts before the game. a group of fans have started a come back lebron campaign going as far to put up billboards around cleveland. the boos lebron usually hear back in his hometown have started to turn back into cheers. the heat beat the cavs and he is serving up thanksgiving dinner. the whole heat team stayed in town to celebrate thanksgiving in lebron's akron state later today. >>> if you're jason kidd you hold a soda in your hand and tell one of your players to bump into you. it appears kidd says hit me to tayshaun taylor and spills his drink everywhere causing a stop in the action and giving him one time to draw up one last-second play but it didn't work. the nets ended up loedsing this game 99-94 to the lak
back. andy scholes is here with "bleacher report." >> kobe was surprised to hear everyone bashing his new deal. he says, you shouldn't be mad at him. i'm worth it. you shouldn't be mad at him, you should be mad at the system. so kobe, here's the deal. the nba is the only league where the superstars are a limit on what they can make. it's the only league where it's like that. whereas the superstars in the nba they're the most important out of the any league. the system is the problem, kobe says. he says, you can't sit up there and say, hey, i'm going to take less money because all of a sudden if you take less, they say you don't give a rip about winning and says that's total bull. [ bleep ]. and from a business standpoint, keeping him the highest player in the league is a no-brainer. >> the lakers have always been an organization that seem to make the right decisions. and lucky for me, this smart decision that they've made businesswise can't be revoked by the nba. so. >> that was a joke if you didn't check that. >>> here's another deal. the st. louis cardinals signed jhonny peralta fre
tried to impede jones. let's ask our expert andy scholes. >> it looked like we the mirror effect looking in the mirror and something's on the right side of your face but you touch the left side of your face. he moved to the wrong side and it looked like it slowed down jacoby jones, he got tackled from behind. he didn't get penalized for it but he might get fined. after the play he had a big old grin on his face like i got away with one. the ravens they weren't too mad about it because they won the game. jacoby jones this is what he had to say about the play afterwards. >> i'm looking at him the whole time i'm like does he know you're on the field, i'm looking like is he going to move? if i was him i'd do the same thing back there. >> so as you see the ravens not too mad, they won the game 22-20. >> if they lost the game it would be a really -- >> huge deal. who else is in the good mood your detroit lions for the first too imin a decade they won thanksgiving day. it wasn't even a game. >> i've never seen a lions blowout on thanksgiving, usually they lose for the past nine times they've lo
a teammate, richie incognito addressed the scandal. >> we want to hear that. >> yes, we do. andy scholes has more on this morning's "bleacher report." we're dieing to hear what he says. >> good morning, incognito remains away from the dolphins while the nfl investigating allegations of harassment and misconduct. teammate jonathan martin has remained quiet on the allegations against him. wsb in california caught up with incognito in a parking lot and got his first comments on the scandal. >> richie, how are you? >> doing well. i'm just trying to weather the storm right now, and this will pass. >> and many were wondering why incognito had not been cut by the dolphins, well, this may be part of the reason. according to the sun-sentinel, incognito was asked by dolphins coaches to toughen up martin last spring after martin missed a voluntary workout. according to a source, incognito took it too far. and the dolphins have not regarded to cnn regarding a claim. one of the top stories on, jay z may be in hot quarter with major league baseball and for being a little too generous. t
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barnes. why? >> i don't know. andy scholes is joining us now with more in this morning's bleacher report. i want to know what happened. show me. >> i will show you. >>> matt barnes known as an enforcer there on court and he'll do the dirty work out there but it looks like cost him once benefit. second quarter last night. blake griffin and ibaka tangled up and griffin shoves ibaka back. they are ejected. check it out. barnes grabs his twin boys out of the stands and takes him with him to the locker room and from the locker room, he tweeted, i love my teammates like family but i'm done standing up for these blanks. all this blank does is cost me money. definitely a rough night for barnes. lao looks like he is going to be fined for ejected and fined for tweeting mid game and then for what he tweeted. >>> a lineup section on brian wilson loves his bushy beard so much he is giving up a chance to play for the yankees. they wanted to sign him but they have a strict no hair facial policy and wilson loves that beard too much. he reportedly turned down a million bucks by a razor
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. a comeback for the ages! >> andy scholes, has the details in the bleacher report. >> good morning. >>> tom brady and peyton manning have had some epic battles over the years but last night it looked like a one-sided game. the broncos dominated early taking a 24-0 lead into of the half but you can't count out tom brady. in the fourth quarter they took the lead on this touchdown from brady to julius edelman. manning finds demaryius thomas for the touchdown to die the game. in overtime this is the play that won the game for new england. they were punting to the broncos and one of the broncos player touches the ball! the patriots recover. they kick the field goal. they get the win. 34-31. 24-point comeback is the largest comeback of tom brady's career! >>> another thrilling finish yesterday between the chiefs and the chargers. san diego down by four with under a minute to go when philip rivers led san diego down the field and he found ajirotutu for the touchdown! after kansas city winning first nine games they have lost two in a row now. >>> check out how hard-core the green bay packers fans a
as they lost to the panthers on the final play of the game. and andy scholes is here with us. >> good morning. this play has a lot of people talking. should there have been a penalty to give the patriots another chance? let's take a look. they were down by four. brady goes for this man in the end zone. but a flag was thrown when the interception. he was clearly interfered with. he basically bear hugs him in the end zone. >> you can't do that. >> but get this. the officials get together and they pick up the flag because they said the pass was uncatchable. >> when you're being tackled it's uncatchable. >> tom brady had the same by. he had words with the physician when he went into the tunnel. but he did take the high road in the news krorchs. >> i didn't see the play either. we had plenty of chances and we don't make any excuses. i wish it didn't come down to that. and they're going to make the call or not make the call. >> the fan who fell from the upper deck after trying to slide down the railing on sunday, has been banned for life. amazingly, both he and the fan he fell on are okay after bei
on monday night football. andy scholes is here with "bleacher report." >> good game for the 49ers. they're only 6-4 in the season and they needed a game like this to get them going again. and you know, colin kaepernick, he's taken plenty of criticism this season. but he showed up in a big way last night. three touchdowns in the game. rg iii on the other hand, he was sacked four times. the redskins didn't even score a touchdown in this game. despite their 3-8 record, rg iii says no one is quitting in the redskins locker room. >> everybody is tired of losing. us fans, media, everybody. one thing that to take away is one thing we're not, we're not quitters. >> ten pro hockey player have filed a class action lawsuit claiming that the league hasn't done enough to protect them from concussions. the suit argues that the league continues to tribute to injuries today and nhl sponsored programs for players. you've got to see the dunk. he throws down the monster slam. watch him get whacked in the face. they didn't call a foul on the play and he comes out with a huge gash. >> i thought he would bre
title away, but it was a nice little segment. andy scholes, we appreciate you joining us. and you can catch dr. gup today on saturdays at 4:30 and sundays at 7:30 a.m. eastern. andy scholes is joining sanjay this weekend. happy thanksgiving, gentlemen. >>> coming up on "new day," mother nature is bringing the hurt to all of us in the northeast. could the stronger winds spell disaster for the thanksgiving day parade? all the iconic balloons. what's going to happen? we'll tell you. >>> plus another test for obama care before the supreme court. the justices will be taking up a controversial provision of the health care law. we will break down the whole thing. no matter how busy your morning you can always do something better for yourself. and better is so easy with benefiber. fiber that's taste-free, grit-free and dissolves completely. so you can feel free to add it to anything. and feel better about doing it. better it with benefiber. >>> just looking at that weather, that big green, pink, slop coming our direction, time to get out of the way. >> d-day. tens of millions hitting the road
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he's going to continue to race, though. bleacher report andy scholes is here and dr. sanjay gupta is just walking on to the set. >> it's sad for trevor bain. he was the youngist winner in the daytona 500 history. and ms is a debilitating disease. he's had problems before. in 2011 he was admit the to the mayo clinic. they thought that was all stemming from an insect bite while racing at the texas motor speedway. of course, now we're learning more. they thought it was an inflammatory condition but now they're announcing it is ms. >> he's determined to continue racing, right? >> yes. we have a quote from him. he said, i've never been more driven to compete. my goals are the same as they've been since i started racing. i want to compete at the highest level. and i want to win races and championships. i am the best -- i'm in the best shape i've ever been in and i feel good. so he's in good spirits. >> and of course he's a fighter. dr. sanjay gupta is here. explain to us first, ms is a neurological disease? >> yes. there's a coating around -- think of them like wires. if you lose a coat
for the game. how to explain that? our chief medical correspondent, dr. sanjay gupta, asked andy scholes to take a look. >> we have been covering this issue for a long time. >> just concussions in sports. i do this from a neurosurgery perspective. it doesn't seem to affect the fans' love for the game. there was polling data that s w view the nfl any less favorably. as a sports reporter, what have you sensed? has this affected how you report? >> it seems like no matter what, the nfl is untouchable when it comes to these scandals. this is two of the worst years ever for pr for the nfl, including the concussions, bounty gate, the lockout, and the aaron hernandez trial, yet the numbers are higher than ever when it comes to tv ratings. 19 of the top 20 watched shows have been nfl games. it goes to show it seems like we're trained, no matter what happens outside the game of football or even inside the game of football, we're still going to want to watch the game. >> i know you don't report on middle school and high school, obviously, but there seems to be more of a concern there. 80% of peopl
? or no, the patriots just couldn't get it done. more for the reaction than the play itself. andy scholes joins us with this morning's "bleacher report." also known as watch cuomo gloat. >> i thought tom brady was right to be mad. he should have got one more shot to win this game. this is what happened on the controversial final play. three seconds left, brady goes for gronkowski. a flag it thrown because gronk was clearly interfered with. take a look. but after the officials get together, they pick up the flag because they say the pass was uncatchable. now, brady was clearly not happy with the call. watch him chase after the officials as they head to the tunnel. the panthers won it 24-20. but if you look at the play, there's differing views. is this interference or not? the ball was underthrown. gronkowski didn't have the chance to get it. >> the pass was uncatchable, i feel like this is not an area the refs should wear into it. >> that is a real call, whether it's catchable or not w. yes, thank you. >> the interference happens four yards into the end zone and the ball was intercepted fo
incognito incognito no more, breaking his silence, adding to what has been a one-sided story. andy scholes has more in this morning's bleacher report. what does he say, what does it mean? >> incognito has remained quiet on the allegations against him while the nfl investigates the accusations against him made by martin. they caught up with incognito in a parking lot and got his first comments on the scandal. take a listen. >> how are you? >> doing well. >> what do you have to say about this storm you're in? >> i'm trying to weather the storm right now. this will pass. >> new twist to this came out yesterday. according to the "sun sentinel" incognito was asked by dolphins coaches to toughen up martin last spring. according to a source, incognito took it too far. >>> one of the top stories in the lineup section is why i have my body guards keep my fans at arm's length. according to "usa today," ryan lochte suffered a torn mcl and sprained acl when and overzealous teenage girl in florida attempted to jump into his arms. they both fell, lochte hurt his knee. he's now expected to miss some time
's bring in andy scholes for this morning's bleacher report. we heard sanjay tell us i know it looks bad but we'll be back. kate and i got to meet the guy and he said i'll be back next season. and he is. >> he was just cleared to start practicing on sunday. he didn't expect to play last night but rick pitino surprised everyone when he called ware's number. this is that picture we all remember last march, ware laying on the court after suffering that gruesome broken leg during the ncaa tournament. hey, last night ware showed he's all haeld up. he came into the game halfway through the second half. knocked down the first shot he took, three-pointer. definitely awesome thing to see. >> ucla doctors have told espn's "outside the lines" that tony dorsett has been diagnosed with cte, which is a brain disease caused by head trauma. dorsett seeked out testing because of memory loss, depression and thoughts of suicide. his condition has gotten so bad he often forgets where he's going while he's flying and drive. dorsett he doesn't know how many concussions he suffered while playing but they were
investigation in in an unrelated case. what does this mean? andy scholes has the bleacher report for us. >> the hits keep coming for the dolphins and richie incognito. his character is being called into question after another incident has come into light and jonathan martin is claiming he tried to befriend his teammates but they continuously harassed him. for the first time since jonathan martin left the team, we're hearing his side of the story. martin's attorney releasing a strongly worded statement bashing his teammates saying in part, jonathan endured harassment that went far beyond the traditional locker room hazing, beyond the well publicized voicemail with its racial epithet, he endured a malicious physical attack on him by a teammate and daily vulgar comments. he also slammed any claims that martin wasn't tough enough for the nfl locker room saying jonathan has started every game with the miami dolphins since being drafted in 2012. at stanford he was the anchor for jim harbaugh's smash mouth brand of football and he protected andrew luck's blind side. >> if you had asked john ma
, they made a beat to help motivate each other. andy scholes with the bleacher report, tell us about it my friend. >> they were the two most notable injuries on a basketball over the past year. kobe reached out to kevin and they made a bet to see who would make it back on the court first. the loser had to attend one of the winners games and looks like kobe's going to head to louisville sometime this year. ware won the bet by playing in the cardinals exhibition game last week. >>> good news for the denver broncos. peyton manning's mri show nod signs of new damage. jack del rio said he's going to be on the field this weekend and that's huge for the broncos. because they've got a big game on sunday. they're going to take on the 9-0 kansas city chiefs that will be on sunday night football. >>> former broncos quarterback tim tebow may be back in football soon but it won't be on the field. according to, the former heisman trophy winner has hired prominent broadcast agent nick kahn. we could see tebow on a college football broadcast team by the end of the season. hey, guys, he's won a hei
barnes in the middle of all of it. an andy scholes has this morning's "bleacher report." >> matt barnes is no stranger to getting into it on the court. he's known as a bit of a hot head. what he did on and off the court is actually going to cost him some money. second quarter is when it all went down. blake griffin and baca. he serves ibaka. on the way out of the tunnel barnes grabs his twin boys, he says let's go home, boys. he says i love my teammates like family but i'm done standing up for these [ bleep ]. he's likely going to get fined for being ejected, tweeting midgame and for what he tweeted. there may now be someone tougher than chuck norris. that's russian president vladimir putin. while in south korea recently putin was awarded the highest rank in tae kwon do, giving him honorary grand master status within the martial art. he has a higher ranking in the sport than chuck norris. but guys while he might have the higher ranking, he's definitely the legend that chuck norris is. he's already been to mars. that's why there's no signs of life. >> thumbs up, chuck norris. >> that's s
andrew wiggins and jabari parker. let's bring in andy scholes with this morning's bleacher report. what a gift. >> it was a great night of basketball. wiggins and parker, hands down, the favorites to go number one and two in next year's nba draft. wiggins is the most hyped 18-year-old player since lebron james. shoe companies are reportedly preparing to throw 180 million at him once he goes pro. 68 nba scouts were in attendance to watch them last night. wiggins outplayed parker down the stretch. kansas beat duke 94-83. we rarely see the number one team in the country taking on the number two team in the country this early in the seas. we got a treat with kentucky taking on michigan state. the wildcats once again stocked full of nba talent but the second-ranked spartans won this early season battle. >>> mike tyson's shocking revelations in his newly released autobiography. iron mike said he was a full-blown coke head when he was a fighter. he would fool drug testers with the help of 'die vees and -- of a device and his entourage. there are funny stories. he partied a little too hard and
the texas rangers and the detroit tigers. who knows about it, andy scholes here with this morning's "bleacher report." >> this is a big trade. texas is sending all-star second baseman ian kinser to detroit in exchange for slugger prince fielder. the rangers were looking for a big left-handed bat and they got it with fielder and his monster contract. he's owed $168 million over the next seven seasons but according to the reports, the tigers will pay 30 million of that. some think they will go after robinson cano. >>> lindsey vonn has reinjured her surgery repaired right knee. latest injury occurred while she practiced on tuesday. a spokesman said she has a partial tear to her right acl. vonn will rest up for a few days and pursue aggressive physical therapy to see if they can compete in the sochi games that are just a couple months away. >> i would argue she's the face of the u.s. olympic team. it would be so sad if she could not make it. >> very dicey, too. she's got a partially torn acl and knee sprain. sprain goes away, partially torn. how stable is the knee? such tremendous str
? you have drew brees and the red hot saints and the lowly falcons. this bring in andy scholes with the "bleacher report." >> before this season it was the falcons, not the saints that were the super bowl favorites. certainly hasn't worked out that way. jamie graham will haul in a 44-yard touchdown from drew brees and he'll celebrate by dunking on the field goalpost. check it out. he accidentally bends it. stadium workers had to come out and fix it, causing a brief delay. new orleans high scoring offense didn't put up huge numbers but did enough to beat the falcons 17-13. trending on, it happened again in oklahoma city. for the second straight game, a fan hit a half-court shot to win $20,000. this is getting ridiculous. brad brucker is the fifth thunder fan to knock down the shot this calendar year. he's the only one that got to celebrate courtside with jay z and beyonce. they were sitting courtside. >> they're auctioning off the razor along with the facial hair for charity. take a look. this ball of hair came straight from the face of shane victorino. it's o
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